Why US - CBS

  • One Time Investment.
  • Improved Business Performance and Work Process.
  • Designed for the Global Economy.
  • Centralized Data base System.
  • Authorization levels for proper management.
  • Data can be Imported and Exported from and to Many Formats.
  • Quick Return on Investment. Typically Saves You More than 20% of Your Business Revenue Every Year.
  • Industry-Specific Modules and Workflows which can be customized according to Clients Requirement.
  • Single Integrated System which can be used by group of Companies.
  • CBS is Multi Company, Multi Currency and Multi Location Application.
  • Very Flexible and User Friendly.
  • Privileges can be given to all the users.
  • Supports unlimited users.
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere, whether you are in Home or Office.
  • User Friendly Menu Creation and Menu Structuring.
  • Records can be displayed in the forms as your wish.